Old traditions. Fresh flavors.

Old traditions
Fresh flavors.

We craft our beers with patience —  optimal fermentation space offers our lagers the proper conditioning time and our sours time to develop their dynamic complexity.

We craft our beers with purpose — a dedication to regional ingredients, true-to-style recipes and processes, and compelling experimental ales.

StillWest Brewery & Grill crafts its ales and lagers on a 10-barrel brewhouse with seven fermentation tanks and 10 serving tanks. Flowing into StillWest’s tasting room year-round are flagship that include Kolsch, Malty Red Ale, American Pale, Pilsner, Baltic Porter, and at least three rotating, seasonal offerings.

Now on Tap


4.8% ABV, 12 IBU

The lightest of all of our offerings, StillWest Kolsch has a malty, sweet aroma and a soft, almost fruity flavor. Our Kolsch is crafted with Pilsner malt, Munich Malt, and a touch of White Wheat to create its medium body, and just enough Noble hops to give it a crisp, refreshing finish.

German-Style Pilsner

6% ABV, 35 IBU

This clean, easy-drinking Pilsner embodies the patience that we give to our lager fermentations. We give the classic style a subtle twist with the addition of Caramel 10 Malt for color, and a healthy dose of Perle hops.

American Pale Ale

5.8% ABV, 52 IBU
Columbus, Chinook, Cascade, Citra, and Admiral hops make for an earthy, juicy, and slightly spicy American Pale Ale that we back up with 2-Row, Caramel Malt, and White Wheat for smooth mouthfeel. For us, this beer represents both the ruggedness and the clarity that we’ve found out West.

Malty Red Ale

5.8% ABV, 24 IBU
Our East Kent Goldings hopped, Malty Red Ale strikes a delicious balance of big malty flavor with refreshing dryness from its hop additions on the finish. Malty Red Ale is fermented with an Irish Red Ale yeast, and brewed with British hops. It’s a melting pot of origin that culminates here in the West.

Baltic Porter

5% ABV, 28 IBU
Dark, opaque, and just the right amount of roast. This Baltic Porter is medium-bodied with strong malt character and subtle notes of caramel and dark chocolate.

Seasonal Beers

White Sage Brett Saison

7% ABV, 30 IBU
Inspired by Crooked Stave, Blackberry Farm and some of our other favorite Saison brewers, our White Sage Brett Saison is loaded with local sage from Jackson. This bright, effervescent beer is balanced by fruit-forwardness and subtle earthiness from the Brettanomyces that complements the fermentation.

Double IPA

9.2% ABV, 112 IBU
Our Double IPA packs the punch with bold, hoppy highs that are backed up by its deep, malty foundation. Juicy meets earthy meets spicy in this complex beer brewed with eight hop varieties— Columbus, Simcoe, Chinook, Centennial, Citra, Amarillo, and Admiral.

Belgian Strong Ale

8.5% ABV, 25 IBU
Fruity esters from Belgian yeast meet citrus and coriander in this classic rendition of a Belgian-style Strong Ale. The addition of sweet orange peel to this beer makes for a prominent juicy aroma, and tames its sweet heat.